Common mid-Michigan home styles  Based on MLS search fields


Characteristics of Contemporary homes:
  • Odd, irregular shapes
  • Asymmetrical designs
  • Little ornamentation
  • Oversized windows
  • Open floor plans
  • Absence of historical style

Contemporary homes, also referred to as modern homes,  are characterized by an absence of any historical style or specific shape. They may be any size and shape, and designed as one-story, two-story, or multi-level homes.

ontemporary homes display such eye-catching features as asymmetrical design, unusual angles, flat roofs with varied or multi-level rooflines, boldly placed windows, silo-like towers, little ornamentation and vertical siding.

Contemporary homes vary in style across the country, so that a home that is considered a "contemporary" in California may be considered simply non-traditional in mid-Michigan.